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Outcome-Focused Program Management

Oceaneast provides full program lifecycle support services, from program management stand-up through execution and evaluation. We help organizations and programs achieve their goals on time and within budget.

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Acquisition Lifecycle Management

Oceaneast’s significant expertise in facilitating the complex acquisition process, from requirements generation through fulfillment and post-award management, helps organizations successfully meet their mission needs through the right provider.

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Critical Performance and Results Management

Oceaneast helps program leaders track and monitor performance and results against intended outcomes through services including metrics identification, ongoing reporting and dashboards for executives and senior leadership.

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Digital Strategy Enablement

Oceaneast works with organizations to develop their digital presence through a number of offerings ranging from content strategy and workflow design through implementation and migration support. Oceaneast brings functional and technical experts who understand how to help organizations get the maximum value from their unique digital strategies and investments.

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Featured white paper

Negotiating Win-Wins with IT Vendors:
How to Plan and Execute for Mutual Benefit

Underlying the strongest long-term IT vendor/customer relationships is the feeling that both parties have a fair deal. In this age of fiscal pressures and significant IT costs, federal agency CIOs are particularly challenged to create such relationships. On the other side of the table, suppliers are being squeezed by macro-economic factors, competition and industry consolidation. Given these similar challenges, how can CIOs and IT vendors work better together? The answer is to avoid battling over unit prices by developing and executing a strategy that focuses on managing total costs and ultimately benefits both parties.


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